CPAD Newsletter (September 2020)

Dear CPAD families and friends,

In these past 6 months, we and all our families have had been surprised by the prolonged pandemic. We all have to make adjustments to new challenges and adapt to this new norm of life .... Since the outbreak of COVID-19, CPAD has stopped all in-person program activities and events for the safety of our member families, because the California governor put the "Stay-at-Home Order" in place in March 19, 2020. 

Aware of the isolation and challenges faced by CPAD family members during COVID-19, CPAD has also converted some of our in-person program activities into zoom meetings/activities which includes: Monthly Support Group/Trainings, Saturday Virtual Program, Rainbow Dance Classes, Chinese SAGE, and other additional zoom parent trainings. (see detail

The need to change CPAD activities into virtual meetings and trainings actually have many unexpected positive outcomes.  CPAD parent leaders all have learned new technical skills in maneuvering virtual platforms which in turn equipped them to support member family’s tech needs.

CPAD-Orange County Chapter 

During these pandemic difficult times, stress and adversity are inevitable in our community. We can expect that our families' responses and emotons will vary.  It is important to receive accurat information and stay on top of te rapidly changing advice. Our commitment continues to commnicate what services are available to our CPAD family (see detail)

Your Action Save Lives!
Wear Masks, Wash Hands, Keep Distance!


CPAD Corner (September 2020)

CPAD -LA Headquarter

On 7/20/2020, CPAD distributed over 150 CPAD families and volunteers PPE (Personal protective equipment) donated from SCDD (State Council on Developmental Disabilities.) The PPE consists face masks, hand sanitizer and face shield.

SCDD-PPE distribution

CPAD received masks donated from Karen Chen, 世華南加, Dr. Hsiao-Fen Chen, 陳筱芬醫師 and Tommy Lee family.

Masks Donation

CPAD also donated See's Chocolate candies which donated by the "East Los Angeles Regional Center" to the Healthcare Front-Line Heroes

   Healthcare Front-Line Heroes


CPAD Newsletter (January 2020)

CPAD Community Parent Resources Center (CPRC)

         2020 RCs Purchase of Services Training

2020 Purchase of Services Training - Find out the Disparity Data in Regional Center POS

  Time: March 7, 2020, Saturday 10AM - 2PM

           Location: Asian Youth Center
                               100 Clary Ave,
                        San Gabriel, CA 91776

Beginning 2017, Regional Centers (RCs) have added multicultural specialists and special projects to help minority communitiesin accessing services. East LA Regional Center and San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center have scheduled a Townhall meeting for the Chinese community in collaboration with CPAD on 3/21/2020,Saturday, at the Asian Youth Center (see attached flyer for details). CPAD have thus sponsored the POS Training Workshop on 3/7/2020 to help us understand the POS data, and learn how to give effective public testimonies.... (More...) Townhall Meeting flyer

CPAD-Orange County Chapter

                   Public Charge

  Time: January 18, 2020, Saturday, 2PM - 4PM

               Location:   OCAAC
                   225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
                       Anaheim, CA 92801

Speaker Mahsa Malei, Attorney from Communit Legal Aid SoCal will tell us about public charge and how that will affect some of our families. (More...)



CPAD Corner (January 2020)

CPAD - LA Headquarter

A Happy Ending for CPAD 2019 -  As like every year in the past, present, and future, CPAD held its annual holiday celebration at the CHEC building on Saturday, December 14, 2019. The karaoke group led by Abel Lam sang the holiday tunes "Coming Coming Christmas," "Jingle Bells," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."  The dancing group also gave a great performance of "Big Eyes" as the audience viewed the dance routine with awe and amazement... (More ...)

2020 CPAD Year End Celebration

CPAD - Orange County Chapter

OC Chapter Holiday Celebration - On 12/21/2019, Saturday - Orange County Chapter held 2019 year-end party. Families and friends gathered to celebrate the amazing year. Our talented children performed a variety of instruments, songs and dances. Mimi Santa delivered presents to all children despite the serious traffic jam in north pole that resulted in the absence of Mr. Santa Claus.  Orange County Chapter wish all of our member families a great new year!

2020 OC Chapter Holiday Celebration



CPAD Newsleter (November 2019)

CPAD Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC)

Special Needs Trust Workshop II

   Special Needs Trust Workshop II 
                 “THE BASICS”   

     Date:  November 9,  2019, Saturday
       Time:         10 - 12 noon
    Place:  Asian Youth Center (AYC)
                          100 Clary Ave.,
                  San Gabriel, CA 91776

Presented by Grace A. Lou, Attorney. Come and learn how to Maximize your special needs child’s eligibility for public support (More ...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter


      Date: November 16, 2019, Saturday,
           Time:       2 pm to 4 pm
                Place:     OCAAC
                   225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
                       Anaheim, CA 92801

Speaker, Jacqueline Miller, Esq.Office of Clients’ Right Advocacy Attorney/Advocate will give us a talk on IHSS.  This talk is particularly important for young families.  Know your rights and the benefits you are entitled to. (More...)