CPAD Newsletter (January 2010)

Ms. Maria E. Marquez, Coordinator of Developmental Disabilities Peer/Self- Advocacy Unit (DDPSA) at Disability Rights California, Los Angeles Office (formerly known as Protection & Advocacy PAI) is coming to meet with our parents on 1/30/2010. She will explain what DDPSA does for Disability Rights California and talk about the trainings from DDPSA. Ms. Marquez will also provide us a training list that DDPSA can offer, parents can vote for the topics so that Ms. Marquez will come back in a few months to provide training on the tropic that parents are interested.

Please don’t miss this opportunity and come to learn about DDPSA and their trainings. For more information: Contact Rose Wang at (626) 202-4773. If you need childcare, please contact Rose before 1/27.

**Refreshment is available ** Funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education

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