CPAD Corner (May 2011)

 April Autism Awareness Month】

4/9/2011, Saturday  ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) Care Network held its first Annual Care networking event, Love and Share Gathering, at the Chinese Cultural Center. The CPAD, JCUAA, ACDA, and over 10 other organizations also participated in this event.  This special event’s purpose was to promote and inspire the community, and to advocate and advance the cause of helping special-needs children .....

That day, children from the different organizations took turns performing in front of a large audience. Particularly impressive were the beautiful dances by the Rainbow dancers and the wonderful songs sung by the Youth Singing Group, both from CPAD. Their performances commanded cheersand extended applause from the audience .....  


 【CPAD - OC Chapter Parent Gathering】

3/05/2011, CPAD Orange County Chapter Gathering - More than 14 parents were present on March 5th gathering at OCARC.  We discussed many important issues related to how to take care of our families and our loved ones with disabilities and learned different ways to wear scarves. Parent Sansan had brought in many scarves and mirrors for all to use for practice.  

She showed us various ways of wearing scarves that not only look marvelous but also keep us warm. While our kids were being taken care of by the volunteers and parents David and Donna, we had 2 hours of fun activity. We sincerely thank Sansan for her generous contribution.

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