CPAD Corner (June 2012)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter -  Parent Fun Day

Parent Fun Day Celebration Party  On 5/26/2012, under the planning of CPAD parents and with the assistance of high school volunteers, 40 CPAD families got together and celebrated a  relaxed, enjoyable Memorial Day long weekend.  During the luncheon, asides from the usual greeting and chit chatting amongst the parents, and the traditional talent shows performed by CPAD children, the more important purpose was to present the achievements of the weekend classes:  DVD Karaoke project and Cooking at the scene .....  


Dragon Boat Race Practice  Dragon Boat Race practice will be started on 6/16/2012.  We welcome new racers join with CPAD team, please either contact Rachel Chen at (626) 307-3837 or Mrs. Lee at (626) 287-1495,  or 626-321-5266.


CPAD Orange County Chapter -

Irvine Regional Park Field Trip  May 19, 2012, the Orange County Chapter of CPAD held a picnic at Irvine Regional ParkOrangeCA.  Led by coordinator Mimi Chou, all participating families and our young volunteers enjoyed a wonderful Saturday together. During the picnic, we celebrated 2012 Mother's Day, all mothers were presented a very special gift - various designed necklace made by the students of Orange County Achievent Adult Center (OCAAC).

OC Picnic


After the lunch, some visited the zoo, some rode the double surrey, some had train rides, some rode bicycle, and some rode the horses.  All had a great food-and-fun-filled Saturday.

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