CPAD Corner (November 2007)

September and October are the busy months for our children and parents.

First, CPAD children had formed a Chess Club; they meet every Saturday. With the support of Dr. Jang and his students, our 9 club members are learning names and value of the chess pieces; how each of them moves; strategy and what to do to achieve their goals. It is a healthy game that benefits of “Thinking” “Focus” and “Social skills”. Now all the club members are looking forward to the 2008 Spring Champion.

We welcome new members join our chess club, please coming on Saturday 11/17/2007 or call Mrs. Li Lee for information.

While our children are in chess, Tai-chi, Touch of music and art, our parents also have their leisure time to refresh themselves, have some enjoyment and forget their troubles for couple of hours. Ms. Susan Ou’s Aerobic and Pilates exercises and Ms. Linda Lo’s Flower arrangement classes are well received by our parents. We encourage our parents come and join these wonderful programs, please call Mrs. Lee for information.

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