• 2023 CPAD Model Mothers

    2023 CPAD Model Mothers

    In 2023 CPAD elected parents Jing Wu and Aoi Nakayama as CPAD representatives, they were recognized at Joint Chinese University Alumni Association of Southern California as 2023 Model Mothers of the year. Congratulations!

  • 2023 Big Bear Ski Trip

    CPAD winter ski trip photo taken on 1/9/2023

  • Chinese New Year Greeting Card Art Contest Results

    Congratulations to the winners of CPAD Chinese New Year greeting card art contest. First Prize Winner : Brian Shek Second Prize Winner: Mark Xu Happy Lunar New Year and awesome work to Brian Shek, Mark Xu and all the artists who participated!

  • September 2020

    On 7/20/2020, CPAD distributed over 150 CPAD families and volunteers PPE (Personal protective equipment) donated from SCDD (State Council on Developmental Disabilities.) The PPE consists face masks, hand sanitizer and face shield. CPAD received masks donated from Karen Chen, 世華南加, Dr. Hsiao-Fen Chen, 陳筱芬醫師 and Tommy Lee family. CPAD also donated...

  • September 2020

    Dear CPAD families and friends, In these past 6 months, we and all our families have had been surprised by the prolonged pandemic. We all have to make adjustments to new challenges and adapt to this new norm of life …. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, CPAD has stopped all...

  • Vincent

    “Come on Vincent,” I told him. “Come on!” He only went to the bike but stood there and looked back at me. “Well,” I said to myself, “What now?” I looked at Vincent. Nice looking kid. But I do not know how to handle a six-year-old autistic kid. In fact,...

  • My Mother – Aileen Shi

    My mother is special in many different ways.  I have selected my mother as my strongest impact on my life because my mother has been a role model and emotional supporter to my brother and me.  She will always ensure that I am healthy and active. When we were young,...

  • My Sister – Alice

    I was raised by a mother that showed me unconditional love. I had to love my little sister, Alice, no matter what. My mother taught me if I did not love my sister no one else would. Because of my mother’s love and protective nature for both me and my sister.  I...