CPAD-OC, the Orange County Chapter of CPAD, was established in 2008. CPAD-OC mainly serves families residing in Orange County.

2022 CPAD OC Fall Party Event

Our mission is to provide support for parents, families and our children with special needs. We host educational and informational workshops on the third Saturday of each month via zoom or in-person gatherings. We provide a platform for parents to connect, exchange ideas, share experiences and support each other.

You are welcome to join us by completing the membership registration form. Membership is free.

CPAD-OC can be reached at and/or 949-414-9860.

All are welcome to attend the event below!

Mother’s Day Activities
May 29, 2022

Online Parent Sharing Session
March 19, 2022

CPAD OC Fall Party Event ( 秋游活动)

October 15, 2022